Welcome to the website of the FlexCloud project


FlexCloud is a junior research group at the Chair of Computer Networks at the TU Dresden. It combines competencies in Architectures of Distributed Systems and IT-Security with a focus on non-functional properties.

Nowadays, the buzzword Cloud Computing aggregates different types of service oriented, tailored and fast ad hoc access to highly scalable virtulized computer ressources over the internet. Even though the economic advantages of outsourcing are obvious, lots of companies have comprehensible reservations against the usage of this latest technology. Currently many questions remain unanswered, e.g. the controll of data security or the migration of existing systems in the cloud. Therefore the junior research group FlexCloud is developing methods and mechanisms for supporting a secure cloud lifecycle. With our research results, companies and home users will be able to securely move their applications and data to the cloud on purpose while keeping control.

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